Training and Development - Mentoring - Career Development and Advice - Redundancy Management and Advice - Wellbeing - Positive Thinking - Positive Lifestyles - Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace and Home - Fears at Interviews, Exams, Tests and Driving eliminated. Stop Smoking (groups in companies only) - Temper Management - Confidence Boosting - Self-Esteem - Relationship Problems - Family Problems - Reiki & Reichem Training - Healing - Everyone of these issues will influence either your home life or your work. We help you to resolve all of these issues or problems by mentoring and training to a high standard so you can be the person you deserve to be.

You won’t find a solution to your problem if you’re anxious, fearful, worried, or frenetically rushing around. In this state the mind and body does various things. Slows down, goes blank, becomes over analytical or hypersensitive. Solutions are rarely found in any anxious state. In the late 50s, long before NLP was the byword my grandmother would say:

“There’s a solution to everything when you know where to look!

She’d smile, state calmly and authoritatively to anyone with a problem: “There a solution to..........!” Grandpa would wink at me through tendrils of pipe smoke, and I would be off on a mission to find a solution. My grandmother would always add a blinder at the end....for this one in particular... this was:

“You won’t find a solution unless you think differently,

Or do something differently!”

Sometimes when busy, my grandmother would suggest I looked to Mother Nature for solution or ideas. At 6-years old I found more thorns under gooseberry bushes than babies. Now older and into transpersonal psychology I can see what she was doing. Metaphorically she taught me: “That sometimes in our haste we often look in all the wrong places.” By the time I was a teenager I was a pro at finding solutions...and probably why at 42 years old I was asked to train women in a large charity. Recently however I found myself asking the same questions my clients ask themselves, the same question that brought them to me!

“Should I stay, or should I go?”

This can be in relationships of all kinds and in work issues. Mine was to do with business.  As concise as this question appears to be...a right or wrong response can be the difference between happiness or regrets. My answer didn’t come in self analysis, but while gazing out of the window watching a blue tit playing in a bird bath. As I was doing the washing up (a simple and often a humbling task), I could feel my mind dejunking every shred of nonsense from my life. In a flash of inspiration a solution slipped in the back door... proving once again that simplicity works best every time.

Sometimes we can’t do everything on our own!

We need help, guidance, support, ideas, knowledge, and different skills to solve problems. Sometimes we need the traditional and modern dynamic techniques. And sometimes... just a simple approach works best! Whether through prayer, faith, logic, intellectually, practically or clinically, we still have to build foundations with someone who understands the mind, body, soul connection before we can be free. Since 1995 I’ve been helping clients with all sorts of problems and issues.

A sample of the conditions and symptoms I work with.

Weight  and dysfunctional eating patterns.

Low self-esteem and confidence.

A fear of flying, driving, tests or exams.

Incessant worrying, tension, anxiety, fears, panic attacks and phobias.

Are yo nervous when public speaking?

Worried about redundancy, or a change of career or job?

Relationships issues in all areas, from couple therapy,

parenting and family Problems...

Teenage problems.

And the Biggie right now ESTRANGEMENT from your Adult Child.

You can with a combination of psychotherapy, CBT, mentoring, CBT and hypnotherapy be much happier.

You can have therapy (1 - 6 sessions)

Or do one of the 3 - 6 week courses

There is nothing like a certificates and 10 CPDs (issued with all courses) to boost self-esteem


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